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Customize and Tailor Fit Your Extension Cord to Benefit Your Need.

• Advertise your Company Name.

• Prevent Loss of cords from job site.

• Identify a color or stripe to a specific length and gauge.

• Provide a safe work area with high visibility colors.

Choose from many Custom Colors

• Customize a color to meet your preference.

• Company Colors

• Personal Choice

Choose from Single or Double Striping

• Clearly add identification to cords with striping.

• The color and stripe combinations are endless.

• Single stripe

• DOUBLE stripe

Choose to Personalize and Advertise with Custom Identification

• Keep cords on the job site. Choose from a standard indent wheel or ink printed.

• Company Name & Phone No.

• “Property of ABC”

Choose Custom Logo Cords

• Add your company logo or pattern*

* Call for additional information.

Choose Plug and Receptacle Ends

• Choose any of our standard plugs and receptacles to fit your exact need.

• Molded ends come in a variety of custom colors.

Choose Unique Features

• E-ZEELOCKTM Locking Connector - prevents annoying disconnects

• Illuminated Ends - time saver, quickly shows you’ve got power.


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